Get time on YOUR side| Dixie Longate | Agony Aunt Virginia Ironside| Sarah Tucker on Infidelity

Is multi-tasking really a female talent… or a woman’s burden? Donna Freed reveals the latest expert advice on how to get time on YOUR side.

America’s Southern-fried answer to Dame Edna – Dixie Longate tells Donna about her latest plans for world domination and tupperware proliferation. Hilarious, outrageous, fabulous… Dixie we love you!

Virginia Ironside ponders her runaway success in Germany. Has she tapped into an emergent subclass of mutinous, overly-patronized German grannies?

Virginia Ironside answers your problems.

And lastly, more cultural exchanges… Writer and well-travelled woman of the world, Sarah Tucker, explores our attitudes towards infidelity, and ponders whether the French are really more hot-blooded or just more mature in their understanding of human nature.

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