Funny Women Workshop: Josephine finds her funny-bone!

Josephine discovers her inner comedian at the all-female Funny Women comedy workshop.

“As a full on ‘show off’ I have always nursed a secret and recurring fantasy that I could be a stand up comedian. So when Lynne Parker from Funny Women came into the Radio Gorgeous studio recently and invited me to take part in one of the Funny Women Stand Up to Stand Out workshops, I jumped at the opportunity to spend two hours showing off!
Verbal exercises ensured that we very quickly lost our inhibitions and some of the stuff we explored made me feel really anxious. But we relaxed as we warmed up to the point where it was so much easier to express ourselves.
Then we did a couple more exercises… we were loosening up, howls, giggling, snorting, spluttering laughter and shouting out words getting to know each other very well and very quickly.
We only had half an hour to go when Lynne handed us the microphone, this was the real thing, I was on…”

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Published on 09th February 2012

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