Funny Women Charity Challenge Special! | Ten prominent women take to the stage for charity

This year we celebrated International Women’s Day at the Funny Women Charity Challenge. It was hosted by the dynamic Kate Garroway – more fab cocktail than morning brew and all of the challengers were smart, brave, and wickedly funny. The winner was Rowan Pelling, columnist for the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph and founder of The Erotic Review.

The performers were uniformly impressive and from a broad range of backgrounds. In this podcast you’ll hear performances from broadcaster Carole Stone (ex-producer of Question Time); Charlie Webster who presents for Sky Sports; Sharon Simpson patron of RAFT and founder of Reinvention Diva; Hela Wozniak-Kay and Annie Brooks of Sister Snog; Dr Julie Greensmith, lecturer in Computer Science at Nottingham University; Vanessa Vallely, founder of We Are the City; Deb Leary, CEO of Forensic Pathways and President of the British Association of Women Entrepeneurs and Amisha¬†Ghadiali, ethical jewelry designer and sustainable fashion proponent. Amazing women all!


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Published on 22nd March 2012

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