Foraging with Frederica Smith| City girl Vanessa Vallely| The waxing debate| Author: Barbara Zitwer

Forager, Frederica Smith, tells us that even urbanites can get a taste of the great outdoors if you only know where to look and which weeds you can cook!

Donna talks careers, comedy and challenges with city girl and founder the women’s network We Are The City, Vanessa Vallely.

To wax or not to wax… Brazilians have become a post-feminist minefield! So, in the name of research Josephine takes a trip to the exclusive Ministry of Waxing to find out what all the fuss is about!

Josephine discusses the mysterious disappearance of the nation’s pubic hair with ex-Guardian picture editor and staunch feminist Helen Healy.

And finally, wild swimming at Hampstead Heath… American author and literary agent Barbara Zwiter talks about her new novel J.M. Barrie’s Ladies’ Swimming Society and the real-life story that inspired her.

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