Finding True Joy A GUIDED MEDITATION with KAREN RUIMY on RADIO GORGEOUS with Elizabeth Kidner


Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy

Karen Ruimy: Clear: Calm and Connect: a  guided meditation to help you realise your full potential.


Finding true joy.


Karen Ruimy relates her experiences on leaving her high-flying job in finance and finding joy in her life from a surprising and totally unexpected source. She ends with a meditation that enables us too to connect with our own transformational source of joy.


Karen is a singer, flamenco dancer, author and workshop leader. She lives in London and is married with three children.

Opening and closing music: “La Vie En Rose” perf. Karen Ruimy (Prod. Phil Ramone/Youth). Incidental music. Stormy Weather. (inst.) Perf. Karen Ruimy, prod. Phil Ramone.

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Published on 20th April 2016

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