FEMINIST FIGHT CLUB Jessica Bennett with AMANDA RUIZ Gorgeous Lives

161538 image The BUILD Series Presents Jessica Bennett Discussing Her New Book "Feminist Fight Club"

FEMINIST FIGHT CLUB Jessica Bennett with AMANDA RUIZ Gorgeous Lives

Jessica Bennett is Amanda’s new true heroine and she is her self confessed English stalker – Instagram and Facebook has never been so scoured!Jessica is the author of the life changing book Feminist Fight Club as well as a writer for the New York Times.

 Having worked in corporates such as Tumbler and having to put up with avoiding the males shooting ping pong balls across the office as they try to ‘out-bro’ each other, being called out for being on her period when she just didn’t agree with a male colleague, she thought enough was enough and she set up an underground group with fellow journalists, set designers, TV producers to help other females struggling in the male dominated workplaces.

 FFC is about a serious topic but Jessica throws in some serious humour, Amanda was caught LOLing rather loudly whilst reading the book on her bed whilst the kids got ready for bedtime.

One evening Amanda’s daughter requested that she should read her snippets from the book as she had forgotten her school reading book. That was a wise move and now she is alert to the common practise of manterrupting. Jessica said she needs to consider doing a ‘cleaner’ version for school kids.  Amanda says FEMINIST FIGHT CLUB is a must for mothers kissing goodbye to their daughters as they leave for Uni or their internships.

 Buy the book to find out more about ‘bromanteaux”  such as manterrupting, the Menstruhater, the Undermine-Her and the call to arms! Get those hairgrips into place we gals are going into battle! And yes, grab a Boast Bitch to sing your praises when you are in need of a little self-promotion!


 Watch her fabulous video here: http://www.feministfightclub.com/the-video


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Published on 06th February 2017

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