Erotic novelist Sylvia Day / Cook Joanna Weinberg / Dr Tessa Hadley / Neo Naturist Christine Binnie

Welcome to radio gorgeous, where as we would love you to listen to the whole show if there is a piece you are particularly attracted to....just press the play button and scroll to your favourite bit.
In this week’s show, listen to Josephine and Donna reveal the results of the Penguin Books sex survey.  Donna was invited to the swanky Haymarket Hotel to chat to  best selling erotic fiction writer Sylvia Day, who told her how the term, ‘Mommy Porn’, was invented by a man.
Then, we hear from The Times food writer, Joanna Weinberg, giving us tips about how to make food tasty with store cupboard staples. She goes on to tell us about her latest cook book, Cooking for Real Life.
After that, Donna chats with Dr Tessa Hadley, the novelist and Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.
And, lastly, Josephine bared all with Christine Binnie, the founder of the performances art group The Neo Naturists, to find out about their conception in 1981 and their plans for the future. 

Christine & Jennifer Binnie Neo Naturists ‘We love all things from the sea 

Cooking for Real Life by Joanna Weinberg


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