EMMA BRIDGEWATER Toast & Marmalade & Other Stories – An Interview with Josephine Pembroke on GORGEOUS LIVES

Emma Bridgwater
From the simple idea of wanting to create the perfect bowl and mug for her mum’s dresser, Emma Bridgewater built the pottery empire she always dreamed of. The colourful, cheerful and practical ceramics have the same design she drew 30 years ago in her Brixton squat. She’s come a long way since then and is off on another adventure. She talks to Josephine about her new book: Toast & Marmalade and Other Stories.


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  1. lesley beazer says:

    Charlotte , Emmas mum,was a good friend. I used to call into her house in Rawlinson Rd when I collected my sons from nursery school. Emmas siblings were babies then. The kitchen was lovely, as Emma describes and Chars friends were always coming in and out. I last saw Char when she came to hunt with us. She was so happy and enjoyng herself ;, so sad. Will definitely buy the book. Thanks

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