ELLA DOVE with Corinna McShane on how losing a leg made her follow her dreams

ELLA DOVE with Corinna McShane on her debut novel & how losing a leg made her follow her dreams

Ella Dove explains to Corinna how a simple fall whilst jogging three years ago, led to having her right leg amputated, aged just 25. 

In that one moment Ella’s life changed forever but rather than letting it hold her back, it made her even more determined to follow her dreams. Ella has just published her first novel, ‘Five Steps to Happy’. 

Ella talks openly about being abandoned by a stranger who found her injured on a canal path and the challenges of learning to walk again. Ella describes how she approached the writing process, she discusses trauma and why being an Ambassador for the Limbless Association is so important to her.

‘Five Steps to Happy’ is an uplifting and inspiring book based on Ella’s own story that will make you see your life differently. The perfect feel-good read for your summer break.

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Published on 17th August 2019

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