Eco travel – help save the wild animals, GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

Eco travel – help save the wild animals, GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

The headline which attracted my attention more than any other is the fact the world has lost sixty percent of its wildlife over the past forty years. It is mind blowing and part of the fake news Trump suggests everything is that is not spouted from his own tweeter feed, but having recently visited Madagascar where I witnessed first-hand the devastation to the rainforests there, I believe the statistic is underestimated. Lemurs will soon be extinct, certain species are on the verge of it already and having had the privilege of visiting the Galapagos some years ago, I feel this is also a place not only visitors should not be allowed, but no one should be allowed. Domestic animals have no place in an area where they are killing off those species such as the giant tortoises, rare geckos and chameleons. As we learn of the plastic polluting our waters (information has been abounding about this for decades, newspaper editors have simply chosen to ignore it), efforts are finally being made to reduce the use of plastic, but it is slow. I recently visited Tesco, where fruit bought loose was far more expensive (20 – 30p which adds up) than if you bought it in plastic containers. The Royals are bringing attention to the issue, because we have no faith in politicians and journalists any more, they are the only ones left whom we are still able to collude in the illusion we ‘know’ them and they are to be trusted. Truth is we don’t ‘know’ them, but Princes William and Harry’s efforts high lighting the plight of wildlife is a good one. As a traveller, how are you able to help the wildlife? There are numerous websites out there which will highlight issues which need addressing. When you start to look what you will see will in turn depress, anger and inspire you. is a company which funds patrols and the training of dogs who track animal poachers. They are passionate about what they do and affiliated to the Real World Conservation Trust. A recent initiative asked celebrities from around the world to draw or paint an animal of their choice which would form part of an auction. To find out more log onto their website and check out Sketch for Survival. With images from Dame Judy Dench, Helen Mirren, Rachel Riley (very good) Mary Berry (not so good, but who cares), the images are auctioned to the highest bidder. The organisation high lights how an elephant is killed every 26 minutes for their ivory. Bid for the images and the funds will go to protecting the wildlife but catching those trying to kill it. In Madagascar, an organisation called Valbio, supports local communities, helping them to understand why they must not kill the lemurs or take their land from them. Land taken to make homes (the Madagascans have very large families – think ten children plus), need to be educated into valuing their unique wildlife and preserving it. Dr Patricia Wright invited Sir David Attenborough many years ago, and the result of his visit is the excellent series he produced for the BBC.

Contact Dr Wright direct on to find out how you are able to help. The lemurs are amazing, incredible and unique. My visit to Madagascar (I have spoken about this for Radio Gorgeous before – see previous report), was heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. We are privileged to have the wildlife we do. As a species we just need to value it more and deal with those who don’t.

Sarah’s podcast about Madagascar : Listen here

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