Ditching Dieting | Bertie Ekperigin | Bad Mommy| Gorgeous Reads: The Help

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Refusing to be cowed by the pressure to diet in the New Year, Josephine and Beth re-examine Susie Orbach’s anti-dieting campaign. Do diets give women an unhealthy, even an obsessive attitude to food? And what are the alternatives?

WellFit personal trainer and motivational coach Bertie Ekperigin tells us how to get fit and lose weight the healthy way, though lifestyle change and understanding your own motivations.

Our favourite blogger Donna, reads extracts from the wonderful blog: http://drunkmommy.blogspot.com/ Hilarious and moving accounts of a grudging trip to Disney Land and the startling circumstances in which she found out she was adopted…

Gorgeous Reads: Beth is joined by our two critics Donna and Sam Taylor for a lively and in-depth discussion of Kathryn Stocketts controversial bestseller, The Help.

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Published on 09th February 2012

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