Dinner! Darlings! Dinner! New show – Josephine Pembroke

I have been awarded an Art Council lottery grant to develop my new show and here it is:


A cocktail infused dinner party – Full of gossip, comedy and despair. Expect A list celebrities, music and frolics,

Written by Josephine and directed by the great Linda Marlowe- Stephen Berkoff’s muse, piano by George Webster.

Where & Tickets: (links below)

LONDON – 1 night!  May 13, Tabard Theatre, W4, 7.30pm

Dinner! Darlings! Dinner! – Theatre at the Tabard

BRIGHTON FRINGE – 3 nights! (weekend) May 17, 18 & 19


Welcome to the wonderful world of glamorous dining with ex Showgirl, Sindy. A sparkling guest list, cocktails, canapés, how to fold a napkin, and music (show tunes and pop), sprinkled with showbiz gossip. Time to don your Kaftan and delve in the 1970s when being a hostess really did mean the mostest. Will this dinner party be a dream come true for aspirational Sindy? Or will it turn into chaos?

A Musical Comedy, directed by Linda Marlowe, Actor and Director, who worked extensively in physical theatre with Steven Berkoff. In the 80s, Steven wrote Decadence for them both.  More recently Linda created her solo shows Berkoff’s Women and No Fear! Which toured the globe. Linda was Sylvie Carter in Eastenders. 

Accompanied by George Webster, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. George recently performed at the London Jazz Festival and his compositions Manhattan movement and Arts Center, New York.

Can’t wait for you to join me and learn the art of hostessing.

photos by Yaffa Maskell

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Published on 12th March 2024

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