Dangerous Women: A Guide to Modern Life – Live As Well As You Dare!

Funny, sanguine and savvy, Dangerous Women Liz Hoggard, Clare Conville and Sarah-Jane Lovett take over the airwaves on Radio Gorgeous.

The Dangerous Women discuss memorable meetings with Meryl Streep and Maggie Thatcher, and read from their recently published book ‘Dangerous Women: The Guide to Modern Life.’ Written as a lexicon of the topics close the heart of women everywhere, it covers issues as diverse as Common Courtesy, Benders and How to be a Good Cancer Buddy. It is also hilariously cross-referenced in such a way that an entry on Affairs will also refer you to Camie Knickers, Creative Corsetry, Contraception, Lawyers and Rejection! Liz, Clare and Sarah-Jane tell us why we should all adopt their motto: “live as well as you dare!”


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Published on 09th February 2012

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