Create Your Perfect Future: Heal Your Past to Create the Life of Your Dreams – with PSYCHIC Anne Jirsch

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Anne Jirsch is a future life progressionist – she believes you can go into the future and change your fate. Anne began working with past life regression over 20 years ago and through this discovered Future Life Progression. It has changed her life. Somehow by tapping into the future what we wanted came much sooner. Anne explained her life path to Josephine from being a hippie travelling in India to Tarot reader and now a very successful business woman. Anne also talks about her close relationship with hypnotist Paul McKenna.
Anne came onto to Radio Gorgeous to explain more and tell us about her book: Create Your Perfect Future: Heal Your Past to Create the Life of Your Dream. LISTEN NOW – but watch out your life my dramatically change for the better.
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  1. Anne Winslow says:

    Brilliant interview. I’m booked onto Anne’s next Future Life Progression workshop in February and even more excited now.

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