Cohousing? Could you do it? Springhill Gloucestershire

Ever thought that for you, conventional family or ‘community’ living isn’t working? On the edge of a steeply valleyed town in the heart of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds rise a cluster of timber-framed buildings reminiscent of Scandinavia. The inhabitants of Springhill are inspired by a lifestyle slowly spreading in a worldwide movement called co-housing. The aim is to be more neighbourly than in many other so-called ‘neighbourhoods’. Of the 70+ population occupying 34 bedsits, flats and houses, about 50% are female, studying, working elsewhere or at home, and retired. They live in conventional nuclear families, as singles, couples, lodgers and in other ‘family’ combinations.  Men, women and children can eat together three or four times a week, and – as well as having their private homes – share a large room for meetings, parties and other social occasions, a DIY workshop, a games room and a laundrette. This podcast gives six female viewpoints on living this way across seven decades: from eight-year-old Freya to Felicity, who’s heading for her eighties.


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Published on 04th December 2014


  1. missamberm says:

    Great voices! And an interesting insight.

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