Bonnie MacBird, Unquiet Spirits, Author of the Week with Donna Freed

Author of the Week: Bonnie MacBird, Unquiet Spirits with Donna Freed

The second of Bonnie MacBird’s faithful, full length Sherlock Holmes novels is infused with the ghostly presences of the past history of the MacLaren whiskey family and Sherlock himself. The explosive adventure travels through London, the Cote d’Azur and the Highlands. Bonnie brings all her creative zeal to whatever she does: she is a Hollywood screenwriter (Tron), won 3 Emmys for her documentaries, has been an actor, etc.; she has lovingly immersed herself in the period (and yes, she has a flat in Baker Street!). The fruits of her labours and all the historical annotations can be found on her website.





Bonnie MacBird, Unquiet Spirits

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Published on 09th May 2018

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