BIMBI BELLHOUSE – Olive Tea Grower

Love antioxidants – hate bitter green tea? Josephine and Donna are tarts for new tea and they found a champion in dynamo Bimbi Bellhouse and her Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea hand plucked, dried and broken by little old Italian ladies on from her Abruzzo olive trees. The benefits go on: no tannins, caffiene or food miles, more antioxidants than you can shake a stick at (3 times as many as green tea), helps promote and maintain weight loss – am I started to sound like an ad? – economical (you can refresh the pot 3 times!) and you are not only supporting traditional, rural ways of life but little old Italian ladies – what could be more wholesome, natural and tasty as we found out. And that’s only a sideline for Bimbi…..


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