Bible John, Written by Caitlin McEwan A DARK PLAY on at The Vaults, London GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT

Lizzie Manwaring director of the play “Bible John” (last shown at Edinburgh Festival). Lizzie talks about this dark unsolved case featuring women who went out for a good night out dancing, which ended in horror. Set in Scotland in the late 1960 the play is partly a retelling of one of Scotland’s darkest unsolved crimes, and partly an interrogation into the ethics of true crime as entertainment, Bible John is a riotous, furious, joyful exploration into violence and gender. 

Vault Festival – Forge 

Leake St, Lambeth, London, SE1 7NN
Box Office: 0208 050 9241 
12 February – 16 February
Press night: Thursday 13 February 2020, 9pm
Tickets £13.50, with £12.50 previews 
Performances are at 9pm, with a 4:30pm matinee on Saturday 15  February
Instagram @ThzGirlsTheatre
Twitter @thesegirlstheatre

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Published on 28th January 2020

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