Best of Radio Gorgeous with JO WOOD, NAOMI WOLF & HARRIET SERGEANT

Best of Radio Gorgeous
You are in for a treat we have created an easy to digest ‘Best of Radio Gorgeous’ for you to enjoy. Firstly you will hear perky Jo Wood talking about hanging out with the Rolling Stones and then the happiness that came from getting of their cloud. Then meet Harriet Sergeant right wing think tank writer who studied South London gangs and befriended and mothered some of the toughest kids on the streets. After that we have spokesperson for the childless Jody Day of Gateway Women who gives us a moving account about coming to terms with never having children. Followed by the feminist intellectual author Naomi Wolfe who has studied the vagina and has some interesting news for us…all women are different down there and we have to explore to find out. And lastly our most popular podcast of 2013 an interview with the modest creator of Last Tango in Halifax who talks about how the most popular programme on TV came about. Do hope you love it all.


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