BATHE by Suzanne Duckett – WELLNESS with Sarah Tucker

BATHE by Suzanne Duckett – WELLNESS with Sarah Tucker

Suzanne Duckett is prolific. A typical Aries in that she does what she says (she delivers), her CV reads like a PhD bibliography. I’ve known her for over ten years and she’s done it again with this very well researched and accessible book on bathing, which she’s written with fellow author Georgina Rodgers.

I’ve long been an advocate of thalassotherapy, which is mainstream health in much of continental Europe, but oddly not here (perhaps our government hasn’t found a way to aggressively tax it yet), and this book is long overdue in making us realise the healing qualities of water, something our ancestors have long known through the ages. 

 Bathe encourages you to turn your attention to preventative wellness, offering scientific evidence on how bathing helps with everything from menopause and puberty (raging hormones) to insomnia, to focus and imagination (designer Tom Ford allegedly takes five a day!). You also learn things like why you get wrinkly if you stay in the bath too long (I usually do).          

One suggestion is that we were originally all lizards and we get wrinkly so we able to grip our way out of the bath. Knew it. I’m a lizard. Lizard of not, Bathe offers an informed, lovingly illustrated insight into why you should take at least a bath a day, even if you don’t feel dirty.

Bathe is available all good book shops and amazon. 

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Published on 11th April 2019

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