Author of the Week – Joanna Rees – The Key to it All

Podcast length: 10:00

The wonder bubble of joy and energy that is Joanna Rees tells Donna about writing as a child, taking the plunge as a novelist, how she met her husband, the secrets of Brighton, her first radio experience (imagine you didn’t know you were live!) her writing routine and eventually her latest book: The Key to it All. They could have chatted all day but luckily for Joanna, she had an appointment and was able to escape the equally loquacious Donna. BUT THEN DISASTER STRUCK AND YOU WON’T HEAR IT ALL!!!! There was a glitch in recording which meant we only have a mere snippet of what was an opus. However, Joanna will be back on Radio Gorgeous soon! There is some compensation: we are giving copies of the book away – check out our competitions & offers page here.
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