Author Louise Candlish/ Arts Special with Tatty Devine, Women Art Dealers, Silvia Ziranek

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GORGEOUS GOSSIP – we all have times when we look back on our life and realise we were a bit unhinged. We talk about it in our weekly feature GG.
Author of The Week – LOUISE CANDLISH – The Disappearance of Emily Marr
After reading English at University College London, Louise Candlish worked as an editor and a copywriter. It was while thinking of something new to say about sausages for a big supermarket client that she handed in her notice, booked a flight to Sicily, and started writing her first novel.She is the author of 8 previous novels. Including The Day You Saved My Life and Since I Don’t Have You.
Donna went went all bohemian and met some fascinating arty women including SUSAN MUMFORD from AWAD – ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN ART DEALERS. She also met up with independent art advisor  SANDRA HIGGINS who has a gallery called GALLERY PETIT in her home in Chelsea. She encourages the artists she curates to use the space as creatively as possible with amazing results.
Donna met up with one of the artists who had shown at GALLERY PETIT the ever so eccentric SILVIA ZIRANEK a performance artist, sculptor and photograper. TATTY DEVINE the jewellers have also shown at this fabulous gallery. The women behind the eponymous jewellers are HARRIET VINE and ROSIE WOLFENDEN they tell Donna how they met and how they have just received an MBE from the Queen.

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