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Julie Kibler’s Calling Me Home

Show Length: 1:11:08  Competition: 06:47   Julie Kibler, Author 08:16    Daisy Rollo, Coffee: 30:07   Amelia Rope, Chocolate: 47:44


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 Author of The Week – Julie Kibler – Calling Me Home
Julie Kibler started writing Calling Me Home after hearing her grandmother’s story: as a young white woman in the 1930s Kentucky, her grandmother fell in love with a young black man. Their families tore them apart and in doing research into this story, Julie discovered there were towns in the American south where blacks could work during the day but had to leave town before sundown. It has been compared to The Help and goes further to illuminate the hardships, passions and dreams that link women across race, generations and history.
Coffee Expert – Daisy Rollo
Originally from Northern France, Daisy Rollo is one of Britain’s only female coffee expert and Barista. She tells us how the flat white was invented by the Australians and how to look at, smell and taste coffee. Josephine met up with Daisy in her local cafe and put her to the test.
Chocolate Maker – Amelia Rope
Amelia Rope is as exciting as her chocolate. Lively and colourful and her chocolate is DELICIOUS. We were fortunate as she came to the Radio Gorgeous Studio to give us a tasting. Seriously good chocolate for those serious about it.


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