Are We STILL Sexy? Josephine Pembroke & Donna Freed GORGEOUS GOSSIP on Radio Gorgeous

JOS and DON 2

Are we still sexy? No makeup, selfie, Donna 49 and three quarter, Josephine 53 and three quarters. Silver foxes beware.


Are We STILL Sexy? Josephine Pembroke & Donna Freed GORGEOUS GOSSIP on Radio Gorgeous 

Join midlifers Josephine & Donna discussing sexiness and pulling anybody. 


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Published on 23rd March 2017


  1. Loved it! Wise words from both of you.
    Even an elderly don craves male attention.
    (Remember me, Donna? I’ve written a novel about Internet dating and ageing)

  2. Josephine says:

    Yes of course we remember you! So pleased you are in the still sexy club with Josephine & Donna xx

  3. I’m loving hearing this lovely podcast…thanks for the giggles ladies! ….and yes indeed, at 52, it’s still a buzz to know that you’re still attractive…we simply can’t ignore that little signal can we? 😀

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