Anne Somerset on Queen Anne| Film news with Liz Hoggard | Kate Pukrik Smells!

We ask why women are being so disproportionately affected by job cuts and why do women pay more than men for products and services.
Historian Anne Somerset talks about her acclaimed new biography of Anne Somerset – a monarch whose reign was marked by many triumphs but whose personal life was by tragedy, illness and intrigue. While her great general, the Duke of Marlborough, was performing feats of military genius, at court, Anne’s relationship with his outspoken wife Sarah become ever more rancorous…
Film news with journalist and co-author of (RG fav) Dangerous Women Liz Hoggard. Liz reviews the critics’ favourites from the last year: while a sense of nostalgia dominated in many of the award winners, were films about contemporary issues overlooked? And a film about a group of retirees leads us to ask, where and how do we want to live as we get older.
Perfume expert and self-confessed fume-head KP seduces us with her colourful descriptions of the latest scents. Katie also explains how to follow your nose, cultivate your sense of smell and, how and where to spray your scent for the best effect!

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Published on 25th April 2012

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