Among The Hoods, My Years With a Teenage GANG – HARRIET SERGEANT Author of the Week with Donna Freed

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“I Went in as Anne Widdicombe and came out an anarchist” Harriet Sergeant
Harriet Sergeant had never met a ‘hood’ until Swagger introduced her to Tuggy Tug and his gang in South London. Despite being initially frightened of them, she was charmed and moved by their ingenuity and intelligent perspective on life.
Tuggy Tug admitted to Harriet that he had been stabbing and shooting but she realised as fifteen year old kids they were starving. After a Nando’s feast, they opened up to her about their lives; they had been in care and been dumped into a hostel and left with nothing to get on with life with ¬£45 per week. The most vulnerable kids in Britain are not cared for and Harriet was disgusted.
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Published on 19th December 2013

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