A-LittleBird.com – Daisy and Francesca share their insider knowledge…

Radio Gorgeous talks to Daisy Garnett and Francesca Martin, the visionary ex-Vogue writers behind www.a-littlebird.com.

Daisy and Francesca tell us how they use their insider knowledge and journalistic know-how to tell their readers about the best activities London has to offer – and importantly, how and when to book! Useful rather than aspirational a-littlebird.com will never tell you about a play that’s already sold out, but will always know how to get into that posh new restaurant, or when you should get tickets to see that seminal new exhibition. Daisy and Francesca’s site is selective but wide ranging, covering: going out, staying in, activities for the kids, and even holiday guides!


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Published on 09th February 2012

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