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Hello Gorgeous Listeners and welcome to another Radio Gorgeous production, we have created a sparkling show this week.
Gorgeous Gossip
Have you dabbled in Internet dating? It seems the be the only way to find a partner. We chatted to an anonymous listener about her adventures in cyber dating. Donna also talked to author Lucy Robinson about her book A Passionate Affair with a Total Stranger. Lucy has given us a signed copy for of the book to win – all you have to do is send us your best (or worst) chat up line, leave it on our Facebook page or email us at info@radiogorgeous.com . After Gorgeous Gossip our weekly problem solver Hilly Janes asks; lite or low-fat?
Author of the Week – Jane Ridley, Bertie A Life of Edward VII
Renowned Historian Jane Ridley searched through the records at Windsor Castle only to find that Bertie, King Edward VII was not the womanising scoundrel we’ve always believed. His strong relationships with women shaped him and opened his mind to society’s injustices and Jane discovered that he enjoyed the company of  many fascinating women with intellectual vigour.
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Grace Belgravia
Situated in London’s poshest area Kate Percival has created a new women only club, including a health spa, gym and a restaurant, it really is rather fabulous. Kate explained to Josephine how a single sex club can definitely work in the 21st Century.
Stella & Dot
Love jewellery? So do we and we are fussy – not just any Bet Lynch trash for us nowadays – we want it well made and beautifully designed. Needless to say, we were thrilled to discover Stella & Dot who came into the Radio Gorgeous studio and hosted a brilliant trunk show.
Remember tupperware? Stella & Dot is the modern version, Kath Hill tells us how we can start our own business as a Stella and Dot stylist with very little initial investment. We have Stella & Dot special offer on our website, with a chance to win 40% off some of their snazzy jewellery. Go to our offers page on this website to order.
Stella & Dot Jewellery, Bertie Edward Vll,  Author Lucy Robinson and Grace Belgravia

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