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You’ll Never Walk Alone – Interview with author Rachel Kelly about the power of poetry

07 Dec 2022

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Poems for life’s up and downs Rachel Kelly is a former Times journalist who is now a mental health campaigner, public speaker, and writer.  In her early thirties, Rachel was diagnosed with serious depression and subsequently suffered two major depressive episodes. These two episodes have become the defining events of…

PLEASE YOURSELF, How to Stop People-Pleasing and Transform the Way You Live by Emma Reed Turrell

24 Jun 2021

Are you a people pleaser? You may not even know you are one because according to author and therapist Emma Reed Turrell there is more to people pleasing than the sweet, saint like image we all imagine. Cambridge University educated Emma is our guest today on Radio Gorgeous and we are delving into the people…

WRITE ON. A Daily Writing Practice, for Anyone With A Story to Tell by Betsy B. Murphy with Josephine Pembroke

07 Feb 2021

Now we are in a world wide pandemic, it is depressing, but it does not have to be. Turn off Netflix and get your creative juices going. My guest will encourage you to write and and most importantly find your own voice.    WRITE ON, A Daily Writing Practice, for Anyone With A Story to…

The Happy Menopause – Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish by Jackie Lynch with Radio Gorgeous

18 Oct 2020

The menopause can be daunting and keeping feeling balanced is the key to happiness. Nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch gives us wise advice at this time, when you can suffer with many debilitating symptons. https://www.well-well-well.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/WellWellWellUK/  #Menopause #RadioGorgeous #50+

Want to be cured quickly? SUSAN HEPBURN Hypnotherapist with Sarah Tucker GORGEOUS WELLBEING

10 Mar 2020

Susan Hepburn is regarded as one of the top hypnotherapists in the world, having had more than three decades of experience, Sarah Tucker highly recommends her.  She specialises in weight loss and addiction, but for those of you, like Sarah, who feel they need help with self sabotaging patterns, it is a therapy which works…

DRESSED FOR WAR the story of the Vogue Editor Audrey Withers from the blitz to the swinging 60’s by Julie Summers

06 Mar 2020

#Fashion #RadioGorgeous #Vogue  Author Julie Summers tells us about a woman who was the Editor of Vogue over the turbulent war years of World War Two, Audrey Withers. Audrey’s drive and vision changed Vogue forever creating, a free thinking, vital fashion magazine for women. We hear about Audrey’s early years and her relationship with the…

Claire Paphitis Ayurvedic Consultant who tells us that modern science is catching up to the ancient laws of Ayurveda GORGEOUS WELLBEING with DONNA FREED

06 Feb 2020

Claire Paphitis is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Consultant who trained with Dr Deepika Rodrigo one of the foremost Ayurvedic Doctors in Europe.  Having healed herself from illness through Ayurveda, Claire founded The Ayurveda Coach in 2019. She now treats patients at her clinic in Surrey and at Alma Deli in Belgravia. Here, in conversation with…

How to make your own Sauerkraut – The easy, tasty & cheap natural probiotic with Lucy Ogilvie Grant

29 Jan 2020

Lucy has found making sauerkraut is somewhere between witchcraft and gardening. She makes giant jars of bubbling fermented, pro-biotic ketchup and sauerkraut. Lucy does not just use cabbage, Lucy uses organic vegetables of every colour. The health benefits are numerous, vitamins are stronger and it is really good for lower gut health. Contact: MeonKraut follow…

Want to lose weight without thinking about food? Try the JANE PLAN DIET, Gorgeous Wellbeing with Donna Freed

28 Jan 2020

Tasty, nutritious, calorie controlled food delivered to your door. We meet Jane Michell who started cooking  food for friends and then created the super successful Jane Plan Diet. She tells us how easy it is and how she became a business woman in the food world.  https://www.janeplan.com/ #Diets #Wellbeing #Radio Gorgeous 

The Pocket Cheerleader – Your Badass Guide to Getting Moving by fitness expert Bangs Carey-Campbell with Josephine Pembroke

Can’t motivate yourself to get moving? Meet Bangs a badass, non judgemental, anti fitness fad blogger and trainer who has written a pocket guide to getting us off our arses and moving.  The Pocket Cheerleader is published by Unbound https://unbound.com/books/the-pocket-cheerleader/ Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/BangsandaBun Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bangsandabun/ #Fitness #RadioGorgeous  Radio Gorgeous podcasts for women 

Diana David’s delicious handmade chocolates with Donna Freed

15 Jan 2020

Diana’s Chocolates was the perfect solution: When Diana’s family needed her to be at home as both carer and advocate for her son, she knew she had to give up her demanding office job. Her love of chocolates and desire to still work led her to make small batches of delicious and beautiful chocolates. The…

YES will make your VAGINA happy! Organic lubricants, moisturisers & washes – meet the founders on GORGEOUS WELLBEING with Josephine Pembroke

06 Nov 2019

Sarah Brooks and Susi Lennox are the founders of Yes, the organic intimacy company. The company was founded in 2003, Sarah is the chemist and Susi is the English graduate and together they have created groundbreaking certified organic products to give us better sex, more comfort and extra safe cleansing. They tell us about their…

Professor Michael Baum – Breast cancer Expert, explains all in the LATTE LOUNGE with Katie Taylor on Radio Gorgeous

We know we are breaking the all-women rule on RG – but this Doctor rocks for women!  It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are also celebrating World Menopause Day, is on so who better to chat in The Latte Lounge with but Professor Michael Baum who not only is an eminent British…

Do you suffer from Vaginal dryness/Atrophy? My Menopausal Vagina with Jane Lewis and Josephine Pembroke GORGEOUS WELLBEING

02 Oct 2019

This podcast will change your life if you suffer from Vaginal Dryness/Atrophy 70% of women suffer from Vaginal Dryness/Atrophy in their lifetime. Imagine having a condition that is so agonising that you cannot sit down? That the only relief is to place covered ice cold cans against your vagina and that sex is so agonising…


01 Oct 2019

Stephanie Calman confesses that she is the worst teenager in her house! CONFESSIONS of BAD MOTHER – The TEENAGE YEARS Confessions of a Bad Mother, The Teenage Years is Stephanie Calman’s realisation that her really rather nice children were growing up faster than advertised and not only would they be witheringly more clever than their…

Beauty Expert and Broadcaster ALISON YOUNG shares beauty secrets on RADIO GORGEOUS with Josephine Pembroke

18 Sep 2019

Beauty Expert and Broadcaster ALISON YOUNG shares beauty secrets on RADIO GORGEOUS with Josephine Pembroke Today I met the  UK’s most famous beauty expert Alison Young. Alison started her career over 30 years ago she has been a facialist for royalty and A-listers, she has worked at Harrods salon and Grayshott spa. Alison became the…

Ariane Poole Make Up for women over 40, Ariane tells us how a few small tweaks can improve our looks with Josephine Pembroke

15 Aug 2019

Ariane Poole Make Up for women over 40, Ariane tells us how a few small tweaks can improve our looks with Josephine Pembroke   Ariane Poole is a woman who has worked in the exciting and glamourous world of makeup artistry for a good few years, highly talented she started her career at BIBA. She…

Nutrition Expert & Galloping Castastrophe, musings of a menopausal woman in THE LATTE LOUNGE

14 Aug 2019

Nutrition Expert & Galloping Castastrophe, musings of a menopausal woman in THE LATTE LOUNGE with Katie Taylor & Josephine Pembroke  Katie talks all things health for World Wellbeing Week. We meet top nutritionist Marcelle Rose who tells us how to eat for maximum gut, bone, and menopausal health. Marcelle is giving away 3 mini-consultations to…

THE FRIENDSHIP FORMULA: add great friends and subtract Toxic people and multiply your happiness by Caroline Millington

How many friends do you have? On Facebook or Instagram we seem popular, but who are our real friends and how can we cultivate deep wonderful lasting friendships? Caroline Millington is a top journalist, writer, editor and digital producer. She is currently working at ITV as a digital producer. Today we are talking about her…

Andrea McLean from Loose Women, confesses all to Katie Taylor in the Latte Lounge on Radio Gorgeous

Andrea McLean from Loose Women, confesses all to Katie Taylor in the Latte Lounge on Radio Gorgeous Loose woman Andrea McLean is the guest on this month’s Latte Lounge podcast. Andrea tells us about her up and coming show Confessions of a Menopausal Woman, hot on the heels of her best selling book. This year…