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LIVE without PAIN? Align Somatics with TANYA FITZPATRICK – Health & Wellbeing RADIO GORGEOUS

22 Jan 2015

Live without pain? Tanya Fitzpatrick says “Back-pain treatment done TO you masks pain. Treatment done BY you removes it”. Tanya is the dynamic, exuberant doyenne of spine alignment. She explains the system of somatics and teaches Donna to ease her own back pain. www.alignsomatics.com Follow: @Alignsomatics THANKS to our sponsors  GOLD COLLAGEN® Interested in health & wellbeing? Then Sign up…

Barefoot Massage, Reviving Stretch & Healing with SUZANNE WATERWORTH Gorgeous Wellbeing

14 Jan 2015

  Barefoot massage therapist Suzanne Waterworth works from the premise that “we all want to be healthy, fit, happy, be able to move freely and feel satisfied with our lives.These things are more interconnected than they seem and I love to help people work towards these goals.” She gives Josephine a taste of the good…

My RELATIONSHIP with FOOD by LISA ROUKIN – Food & Drink with Josephine Pembroke

13 Jan 2015

Lisa Roukin battled eating disorders for many years until she radically changed her relationship with food. She shares her ‘100 recipes to nourish the mind, body and soul’ with Josephine. If her raw chocolate brownies are anything to go by, you will have a great relationship with her food as well! Buy the book or…

VENUS by Grace Vane Percy – Nude Photographer on Radio Gorgeous

18 Dec 2014

  Photographer Grace Vane Percy talks to Josephine about the cult of Venus in relation to her beautiful black and white book celebrating the female nude: Venus. She loves to highlight and accentuate what is beautiful, not necessarily perfect in women.  www.gracevanepercy.com @GraceVanePercy  Inspired by Women? Then sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL at www.radiogorgeous.com

Pinny Girls, Frontline Women & Shenanigans on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Donna & Josephine

16 Dec 2014

Pinny Girls, Frontline Women & Shenanigans on GORGEOUS GOSSIP  with Donna & Josephine Gorgeous Gossip: 00:30  Pinny Girls : 11:35  Donna confesses to enforced fitness due to lying about how many sit ups (100? REALLY?) she can do for an extras job – pathetic! Next we introduce a little known but much celebrated holiday: Rompadon! Josephine…

Perfume Society & Divine Feminines Josephine & Donna on GORGEOUS GOSSIP Radio Gorgeous

09 Dec 2014

    GORGEOUS GOSSIP:  oo.45 PERFUME SOCIETY : 6.31 GG: While Donna is under the weather, Josephine is out tripping the light fantastic and picking up must have Feminine Divine paintings for Radio Gorgeous.  Jo Fairley of the Perfume Society has come out with The Perfume Bible, a gorgeous and informative book to ignite the…

Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly

27 Nov 2014

  Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly   Author of the Week: Ian Kelly is an award winning author and actor and dapper dan who spent a year with Vivienne Westwood, co-writing her authorised biography.  www.viviennewestwood.com/ coolearth.org/ . iankelly.net LOVE this podcast? Support us sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL radiogorgeous.com

Laura MacMillan Mandarin Oriental Spa Prague

06 Nov 2014

Laura MacMillan, currently Spa Manager at the Mandarin Oriental Prague, trained as a therapist before transitioning into the management side of the business. She lets us in on the best treatments available.  10% off if your treatment  at The Mandarin Oriental Prague Spa  please mention RADIO GORGEOUS for your discount  www.mandarinoriental.com/prague/hotel-offers/ @lmacmillanMOSPA  Laura on Twitter…

Women in Tech Ada Lovelace Day

13 Oct 2014

Josephine & Donna’s Week: 01.04 Women in tech: 07.53 Style for the over 40s: 18.32 Ada Lovelace Day 2016 Josephine is then joined by former skateboarder Lisa Devaney of Women in Tech to tell us about Ada Lovelace Day. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace and the daughter of Lord Byron, born in 1815 is…

The Perfume Society Jo Fairley

25 Sep 2014

The Perfume Society Jo Fairley Beauty genius and uber entrepreneur, Jo Fairley – we are forever grateful for the The Beauty Bible and Green & Black’s chocolate – has a new venture: The Perfume Society. Scent unlocks our deepest memories but how to choose a new perfume? Why not sidestep the “guerilly-spritzing” at the counter…

The MIND MAKEOVER Sharron Lowe: Become the BEST YOU Yet!

15 Sep 2014

Sharron Lowe The Mind Makeover Sharron gives us 3 tips on how to live our lives to the full and stop the fear and procrastination. Sharron  advises blue chip corporates workers how to make changes to the way we they think her book applies her methods to help normal women like us.  Sharron believes that…

The PERFECT JEANS Donna tries them on at Damsel in Chiswick – Listen & Learn GALS! Gorgeous Gossip

28 Jul 2014

The Perfect Jeans Donna doesn’t do jeans. Have you ever seen her in jeans? A rare sighting indeed, like a panda in the wild (same shape?). How could she resist the Paige Denim event at Damsel Boutique in Chiswick. Not only did she find a pair of jeans but they got her to wear a…

Thomasin Newton Image Consultant on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

21 Jul 2014

  Thomasin Newton Image Consultant Gorgeous Entrepreneurs with Amanda Ruiz: Amanda talks neon and other colours with image, colour and style consultant Thomasin Newton. Donna and Josephine discuss the worrying trend that is emerging of young women declaring bankruptcy. Dismissing all thoughts that it might be school loans or the fact that they might be…

SHIRLEY CONRAN on GORGEOUS LIVES – Money Stuff, Superwoman, Lace & MORE….

10 Jul 2014

SHIRLEY CONRAN Her early divorce, along with her innate and pragmatic design sense and a gift for teaching has driven Shirley Conran to do many things: free women from housework (Superwoman), teach girls about sex (Lace), demand a work/life balance and she has now turned to money and maths. Women don’t have enough money and…

Twiggy M&S Part Two

12 Jun 2014

 Twiggy and  M&S,  Family & Love Life In the second part of Josephine’s conversation with Twiggy, the former – and current – model and actress talks about her love life, her daughter and her move into designing for M&S. It will probably be a catfight between Josephine and Donna for the blue suede jacket! ALL…

Jiya Jewellery meet mother and daughter

10 Jun 2014

 Jiya Jewellery We ask  could you work with your Mother? Could you work with your daughter? Jiya – which means piece of my heart – is a brand of hand woven gold & silver bracelets by Jean and Nicky Varakuta. The bracelets are designed to go from the ‘beach to the boardroom.’ Daughter Nicky, in…

Twiggy 1960’s

05 Jun 2014

Twiggy 1960s on Radio Gorgeous

In the 1960s Twiggy was the most famous model on the globe in the 1960s as big as the Beatles and she was only 16. HEAR her story here on Radio Gorgeous, Twiggy tells us about growing up in Neasden in the 1960s, the madness of fame and her career as a model, film star, musical theatre star, and more…..in Twiggy part two we hear about her love life, family, her modelling and now as a designer at M&S.

Body Confidence Tips – Meet Donna & Tora the BODY CONFIDENCE COACHES on Gorgeous Gossip

27 May 2014

Body Confidence Tips Have you tried on your swimwear yet? I have and it is always a shock as you imagine that you will look so good in your costume when in reality most body parts are sadly sagging. What to do? Meet Donna and Tora the body CONFIDENCE coaches they have a book, DVD…

BALLET BARRE Can you really do Ballet at your age?

21 May 2014

BALLET BARRE As we all know, (our) Donna is used to holding onto the bar for dear life, but the barre? More maladoit than graceful, more too too much than tutu, she gave it a go and is now enrolled. Donna Schoenherr tells us how she (a fellow New Yorker with an identical knee injurty…

Just One More GEMMA LEVINE – Photographer to Royalty & Stars

14 May 2014

Gemma Levine Just One More She started her photographic career taking pictures in the parks of London and then of the Goons – a clear connection if you’re Gemma Levine! Jeremy Robson, then a young publisher, asked her to take snapshots for the covers of his books which ultimately led to a career defining 10…