My Boris is really just a sensitive soul – Charlotte Johnson-Wahl

Boris Johnson’s mother, Charlotte Johnson-Wahl, has spoken of her fears for her four children. “I can’t bear all the publicity,” she tell Gogglewatch Presenter and Broadcaster Mary Killen in an interview on Radio Gorgeous.

She says Alexander, as  she calls Boris,  is “very soft-hearted and much more easily hurt than Rachel”, while his younger sister is “very secretive and can also be easily hurt but she’s very forgiving”.

Johnson-Wahl believes she may be responsible for the Mayor’s trademark mop of hair because she used to cut his hair as a child. She thinks his often bumbling manner — he sometimes holds his hands to the back of his head — may have been the result of hearing problems when he had a series of ear operations.

Charlotte tells how she was expelled from school, accused of whistling at boys on the village green. “It was unfair,” she says. “I’ve never been able to whistle.”

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