Josephine Pembroke at THE HUB DOT – The F Word

One minute.

That’s all our storytellers have on the Hub Dot stage. And their ability to cram everything they want to say into 60 seconds is mind-blowing. Our storytellers’ rock! Be it personal, professional, funny or profound (or all four!) they have so much to say in such a short period of time.


And suprisingly, those 60 seconds can also be more than enough to cut straight into the heart of an issue. An issue people would normally argue over, going back-and-forth and round in circles for what seems like forever. Instead our storytellers can get right to the point in one minute and leave you wondering why it was an issue to begin with.


Josephine Pembroke from Radio Gorgeous is one such speaker. Her one minute at our third anniversary was thought provoking, electrifying (she danced) and on point. What did she speak about? The ‘F’ word of course.


‘In my 20s I was always drunk, my aim was to be a Bohemian always partying, going out, I loved pubs, bars and nightclubs. I was one of the boys and had no time for feminism. I wore loads of makeup, provocative clothes and the highest Vivienne Westwood platforms.


I got married and had a child.


That was the day I became a feminist. I realised there and then that I had the ultimate responsibility for our baby. My partner could walk out of that hospital door. He could leave. He could go to the pub. He could carry on working. He was still free. I was not. 19 years later I still wear tons of makeup, I still wear provocative clothes, I still love men and I am a feminist.


Don’t let the name feminist scare you.


We are all in this together.


Thank you Josephine, and thank you Serena of Serena Bolton Photography for use of the photo.


Josephine Pembroke talks at THE HUB DOT


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