Author Uuganaa Ramsay: Mongol, A mother’s memoir

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Author of the Week: Uuganaa Ramsay
Mongol [mong-gohl], noun, 1. a member of a pastoral people now living chiefly in Mongolia. 2. (offensive) a person affected with Down’s Syndrome.
Uuganaa Ramsay was born in Mongolia and grew up living in a yurt eating maromot meat and distilling vodka form yohgurt. After winning a place on a teacher-training course she came to the UK; where she met her husband and started a family. It wasn’t until her third child Billy was born with Down’s Syndrome that she heard the word Mongol or Mongoloid used to refer to people with Down’s Syndrome. Mongol is her story and that of her son Billy’s.


  1. Fabulous interview – I loved hearing your beautiful voice and accent, Uuganaa and can’t wait to read your book.

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