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Dinner! Darlings! Dinner! New show – Josephine Pembroke

12 Mar 2024

I have been awarded an Art Council lottery grant to develop my new show and here it is: DINNER! DARLINGS! DINNER! – LONDON & BRIGHTON FRINGE A cocktail infused dinner party – Full of gossip, comedy and despair. Expect A list celebrities, music and frolics, Written by Josephine and directed by the great Linda Marlowe- Stephen Berkoff’s…

Suzi Hartman – Modern Ettiquete With Donna Freed

04 May 2023

Susi Hartmann is a modern etiquette consultant and life coach as well as an entrepreneur hosting bespoke wellness retreats through the company she co-founded, Beaumont Awareness. She shares her very personal journey of treating the symptoms of menopause with psilocyben microdosing. She preferred an all natural solution and after thorough research and conversations with experts, she discovered…

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Interview with author Rachel Kelly about the power of poetry

07 Dec 2022

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Poems for life’s up and downs Rachel Kelly is a former Times journalist who is now a mental health campaigner, public speaker, and writer.  In her early thirties, Rachel was diagnosed with serious depression and subsequently suffered two major depressive episodes. These two episodes have become the defining events of…

Josephine Pembroke on Museum of Soho show on Soho Radio

14 Nov 2022

The Working Girls of Soho – Saucy Tales of Notorious Women – Songs & Stories A fabulous cabaret celebrating Soho’s glorious past. Featuring the club runners, strippers, whores and thieves with song and stories. Josephine Pembroke of Pussies Galore talks about her sell out show featuring the female club runners, strippers, whores and thieves from…

True Story London founder Michelle Toth with Donna Freed

13 Nov 2022

Michelle Toth is a bit of a polymath, in part because she loves learning and in part because when other people ask why, Michelle tends to ask, why not? She has been an entrepreneur, consultant, executive, novelist and story teller and is now a highly accomplished executive coach. She is passionate about connecting people through…

THE INTERVIEW The Working Girls of Soho – Saucy Tales of Notorious Women by Josephine Pembroke with Donna Freed

04 Aug 2022

Josephine reveals all in this candid interview about the female wild bohemians, whores, thieves and nightclub queens of London Soho’s outrageous past. TICKETS FOR NEXT SHOW IN LONDON: https://linktr.ee/josephinepembroke “Wit, charm and plenty of sauce, simply a fabulous show.” Sophie Parkin, Author of The Colony Room Club 1948-2008 “Josephine brings Soho in all its seedy,…

Jo Good BBC Radio London meets Josephine creator of The Working Girls of Soho

16 May 2022

Ex- Sohoite cabaret chanteuse Josephine Pembroke talks to Jo Good on BBC London about living in Soho in the 80’s, Pussies Galore and more.  #JosephinePembroke #Soho #Cabaret  TICKETS FOR NEXT SHOWS:   https://linktr.ee/josephinepembroke

The Improbable Adventures of Emily Soldene, Actress, Writer and Rebel Victorian, by Helen Batten with Josephine Pembroke

10 Nov 2021

Emily Soldene was a true Victorian, born of the wrong side of the tracks, she was illegitimate and her mother was working class, a bonnet maker by trade. Emily reinvented herself at twenty-two, she took singing lessons and willed herself to stardom.  Hear her 3rd cousin once removed best selling author Helen Batten tell us…

Berkoff’s Women, with Linda Marlowe LIVE STREAMING directed by comedian Josie Lawrence

18 Nov 2020

Linda Marlowe trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Linda has a long with writer and director Steven Berkoff includes his plays Greek, Decadence, East, The Trial and Metamorphosis, Steven has described her as his muse.  Linda has been in many plays, films and TV you may remember her as as  he matriarch…

CYNTHIA MOSS with CORINNA McSHANE on pioneering elephant research, Echo films and 50 yrs in the African bush

03 Aug 2020

To honour her 80th birthday, Dr Cynthia Moss talks to Corinna about how growing up in the USA inspired a love of nature, leading her to spend five decades in the Kenyan bush.  Many of you will recognise Cynthia from the award-winning films shown on the BBC, PBS and Animal Planet, about the female elephant…

Gorgeous Curiosities: Viktor WYND The Unnatural History Museum

22 Jun 2020

Curiouser and curiouser – it’s not MAN WEEK and yet we present Viktor Wynd, writer, artist and pataphysicist? Dear listener, we couldn’t resist! Viktor Wynd takes Donna Freed on a tour of his Hackney museum, The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Unnatural Science. The walk-in curio cabinet is crammed with all manner…

How to attract love without sacrificing success with top coach SAMI WUNDER on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke

06 Mar 2020

As a very successful business woman herself Sami Wunder found keeping a man difficult. Sami realised that she must change her work place attitude to attract love and romance into her life. Hear how you can do it too! Sami is officially the modern diva’s love coach.  https://samiwunder.com/ #Relationships #Dating #RadioGorgeous 

‘OPTIMISE CAREER POWER’ through LINKEDIN with Mikaela Elliot

03 Mar 2020

Sarah Tucker talks to Mikaela Elliott, founder of We Aspire  – a Career Coaching Consultancy.  Mikaela has been headhunted and approached for every role she has had because of the power of her brand. She has worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry – LinkedIn, Uber, Michael Page & JLL, alongside various…

How to make your own Sauerkraut – The easy, tasty & cheap natural probiotic with Lucy Ogilvie Grant

29 Jan 2020

Lucy has found making sauerkraut is somewhere between witchcraft and gardening. She makes giant jars of bubbling fermented, pro-biotic ketchup and sauerkraut. Lucy does not just use cabbage, Lucy uses organic vegetables of every colour. The health benefits are numerous, vitamins are stronger and it is really good for lower gut health. Contact: MeonKraut follow…

Want to lose weight without thinking about food? Try the JANE PLAN DIET, Gorgeous Wellbeing with Donna Freed

28 Jan 2020

Tasty, nutritious, calorie controlled food delivered to your door. We meet Jane Michell who started cooking  food for friends and then created the super successful Jane Plan Diet. She tells us how easy it is and how she became a business woman in the food world.  https://www.janeplan.com/ #Diets #Wellbeing #Radio Gorgeous 

The Pocket Cheerleader – Your Badass Guide to Getting Moving by fitness expert Bangs Carey-Campbell with Josephine Pembroke

Can’t motivate yourself to get moving? Meet Bangs a badass, non judgemental, anti fitness fad blogger and trainer who has written a pocket guide to getting us off our arses and moving.  The Pocket Cheerleader is published by Unbound https://unbound.com/books/the-pocket-cheerleader/ Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/BangsandaBun Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bangsandabun/ #Fitness #RadioGorgeous  Radio Gorgeous podcasts for women 

MAN WEEK SPECIAL: Comedy Wildlife Photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks with Donna Freed

16 Dec 2019

Wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks and interiors photographer Tom Sullam present the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Started when Paul felt defeated and depressed by reports of elephant poaching that discouraged rather than inflamed his desire to help conservation efforts. The awards, in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation, and then the resulting book, help raise awareness…

Distinctive style with a comfort soul: Esska Shoes by Souraya Karami Gyves

02 Oct 2019

Distinctive style with a comfort soul: Esska Shoes by Souraya Karami Gyves Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Souraya Karami Gyves with Donna ‘Imelda’ Freed We all know Donna loves shoes so when she spotted a local shoe shop on her way home, she had to stop in and meet former architect turned shoe designer Souraya. A business grown…

Beauty Expert and Broadcaster ALISON YOUNG shares beauty secrets on RADIO GORGEOUS with Josephine Pembroke

18 Sep 2019

Beauty Expert and Broadcaster ALISON YOUNG shares beauty secrets on RADIO GORGEOUS with Josephine Pembroke Today I met the  UK’s most famous beauty expert Alison Young. Alison started her career over 30 years ago she has been a facialist for royalty and A-listers, she has worked at Harrods salon and Grayshott spa. Alison became the…

Andrea McLean from Loose Women, confesses all to Katie Taylor in the Latte Lounge on Radio Gorgeous

14 Aug 2019

Andrea McLean from Loose Women, confesses all to Katie Taylor in the Latte Lounge on Radio Gorgeous Loose woman Andrea McLean is the guest on this month’s Latte Lounge podcast. Andrea tells us about her up and coming show Confessions of a Menopausal Woman, hot on the heels of her best selling book. This year…